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        About us

          Contact info

        • TEL:+86-0731-83631348
        • TEL:+86-0731-83631348
        • E-mail:sales@aoskycn.com
        • Add:Huang YongYang

        Our history

        In 1999,Changsha Shunda Auto Electric Factory was established.

        In 2002,One of our product, DQG1225 are matched with a domestic auto company successfully.

        In 2005, developed a new ignition coil for a Beijing transport company. And then, every year, we are attribute to develop more new ignition coil.

        In 2006, we passed ISO-9001-2000 quality system certification. 

        In 2007, we are sell our products to overseas market, such as American and some European countries, Especially, supplying ignition coil to a American market in a bulk.

        In 2009, our company are relocated to a new place, occupied 15000 square meters , located in Yong an Industrial Park in Liu yang, Changsha , Hunan Province. which very close to Huang Hua International airport.  and in this year, our company offically remaned Changsha aosky auto parts Co.,ltd.

        In 2011,With the increasing supplying to overseas market, we passed TS-16949 certification. 

        From 2012 to 2014, our own mold and injection workshop were put into use. 

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